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ESL Classes in Atlanta

Amazing Teachers, Small Groups, Great Classes

ESL (English as Second Language) is an English language study program designed specifically to meet the needs of adults whose primary language is not English. ESL programs focus on the fundamentals of English listening, speaking, reading, writing, and vocabulary. ESL classes reinforce these concepts through practical exercises and with real-world examples of how they are used in American culture.

What sets The English Island apart from other ESL programs is our commitment to and passion for the success of each individual student. Every 6 weeks we offer Academic Counseling and hold Student Activities. Our flagship small group program is available to students of all skill levels. Classes have a maximum of six students, allowing students to be grouped according to skill level and teachers to focus on the individual needs of each student. For students who desire or need one-on-one instruction, we provide private classes at our learning center in Atlanta, GA or another location of the student’s choosing.

A solid grasp of English is essential for visitors, immigrants, and U.S. citizens alike. However, English can be a difficult language for non-native speakers to learn. The English Island recognizes the importance of English proficiency to the success of non-native speakers and the unique challenges that they face. All English Island ESL classes are taught by passionate, experienced educators who are fully committed to the success of each and every individual student.

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It was one of the best educational experiences of my life, not just for the great teachers, but it was a complete system where you meet new friends from around the world and you have the opportunity to have a new family. I will never forget my time here! Carlos Ramos

Sandy Springs Resident from Brazil

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