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Publishing Services from The Language Island

We work very closely with only the best companies to recommend services not offered at The English Island.


The Language Island offers a comprehensive set of services designed to assist aspiring writers in having their stories told. Once writers have written and edited their works, they can help them navigate the often confusing and intimidating world of publishing.

Authors wishing to self-publish receive step-by-step instruction in the self-publishing process. The Language Island will guide the author through typesetting and formatting, cover design, eBook creation and uploading, and on-demand print services. They provide as little or as much assistance as the author needs, up to and including automating the entire process.

For authors who wish to publish their works through a traditional publishing company, The Language Island will help to write query letters to major publishers. They will even write and submit query letters on behalf of the author. The Language Island maintains an extensive list of contacts and resources, sorted by genre, to further assist authors in getting their works published.  

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