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Writer’s Assistance Program from The Language Island

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The Writer’s Assistance Program (WAP) is a unique, one-of-a-kind service found only at The Language Island. Ideal for individuals for whom ghostwriting is not an option or for aspiring authors who wish to craft their stories themselves, the WAP guides writers through the entire process of writing a book from beginning to end.

Starting with a comprehensive review of the fundamentals of English grammar and writing, authors learn how to develop effective and dynamic sentences and paragraphs. Aspiring authors are then taught how to organize their ideas, how to develop characters and plots, how to craft natural-sounding dialog, and how to write clearly and effectively for their target audience.

Aspiring authors also learn how to proofread, edit, and critically evaluate their own writing. They learn the most common mistakes and pitfalls of both new and experienced writers and how to successfully avoid them. Once they have completed their works, graduates of the WAP have access to The Language Island’s full range of professional editing and publishing assistance services.

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